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Mo-Search provides you with a powerful means of locating files on your computer.  Unlike leading competitors, search results are ranked by Score... Translation: no more weeding through 257matching files ordered by Date.  Mo-Search has been designed from the ground up by combining relational database technology with our proprietary scoring algorithm.  With Mo-Search, your computer does the searching so you don't have to.

Search operators [* ? - ^] enable powerful yet precise searches.  Simply enter desired operators as part of your search text.

  • The [?] wildcard matches exactly 1 character.  For example: a search of [Jo?] will match Joe but not John.
  • The [*] wildcard matches 1 or more characters.  For example: a search of [Jo*] will match both Joe and John.
  • The [-] prefix excludes files containing that word.  For example, a search of [Joe -Bob] will match files containing Joe, but not containing Bob
  • The [^] emphasizes adds weight to a word.  For example, during a search of [Joe^3 Bob], each match of Joe will count three times that of each match of Bob.
  • Combine operators for more power and precise searches.  For example, a search of [Jo? purchas* sofware^10 -car], could find Joe or Joseph, but not John purchased or purchasing software or a sofa where software was weighted ten times.

The File Results list has integrated Windows shell functionality.  Meaning: just right-click a file to Print, Edit, or display Properties.

The Integrated FileViewer displays highlighted matches.  This provides you with a much faster means of reviewing a particular files search results.  The [Previous] and [Next] button quickly scroll through a file's matching words, as specified by your search text (even when wildcards are used).


After installation, Configure Options to suit you needs: On the menu bar, select [Tools->Options].  Under the [Index] tab, specify overall indexing paths and file type (i.e. where and what would you like to index).  Under the [Full Text Index] tab, specify file type to make Full-Text searchable.  Under the [Search Results] tab, configure Search, Results and FileViewer settings.

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